Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Waiting my lab results

Waiting My Results.
"Waiting anxiously my Doctor.
He is catching up with the pace.
He has a lot of patients to see.
He must have a magic brain box
where he stores his knowledge.
Will he be able to recognize my condition!
Worried about my lab results.
What if .............. "


Dream is like a space shuttle craft that makes your memory navigate in time and space so as to re experience, re write and correct some while still living in the present. Human retrieves these dream experiences and loosely incorporates them in the memory archive of the brain.

Familiar places

Familiar places that I have been.

Our memories are entwined with our environment.
Any thing that we see brings our memory back to the present.
by a phenomenon of association. 

Monday, February 16, 2015



Dreams are the inspirational image representation of my unconscious world.
I strive to memorize the picture contents of my dreams even when they appear odd and illogical. Namely such contents indulge my creative world that feels entrenched ad dissociated with reality.


Experiences of the past intrude into psyche of a dreamer.
The energy of a dream can bring back and deliver its content to our unconscious mind.Our unconscious mind travels in time and space. At times when we return to our conscious life, contents of a dream can be erased from our memory( hyperamnestic dreama ). At some point later upon coming across situations that mimic the dream, our memory about the content of the dream comes back.
Eventually we come to realize that a dream takes its material content from our past experiences.


I love and treasure my freedom.
I do not regret about my past.
I perceive my past as a developmental stage leading to
the wisdom underlying the word freedom.
It takes a lot of time to learn and acquire the knowledge of freedom.
Freedom does not mean you are free to do whatever your ego pleases.
Freedom does not mean you perpetuate wrong perceptions of freedom undertaken by others. Before you practice your freedom, learn first what freedom entails.
For example entertaining the freedom of using and selling street drugs may sequel loss of your freedom and even loss of your precious gift of life.
Freedom according to my understanding is like assuming accountability of your own future and well being. Freedom is your doorway of opportunities inherent to success in all aspects of your social and career experience. Freedom provides you the freedom to make the right choices in your life span.


Luck a is a shiny precious jewel that excites your feelings up to an explosion of ecstasy. Luck is like a blind vagabond that lives everywhere.Mr. Luck can stumble on you at any time by his unpredictable and blind selection. When this happens your life changes to the extreme of fulfilling your desires.